Mr. Petznick's 4th Grade Math

This is my 6th year here at BIC.  Love the school and the community! It is a great place to raise your children.  I teach math and love it!  We have a couple classroom pets named Ella and Bella.  They are geckos.  Each day will consist of learning math and at the end of class I will get out my guitar and we will sing some songs and hand out marbles for questions.  
Homework Help?   
I have a web page that has a video to help parents and teachers with the 4th grade homework.  
Google:  Mr. P's Math Junction
Over on the left hand side you will see the unit and just click on that.  It will take you to the individual lessons for that unit.    On the homework page it will say like 3.3.  The first 3 is the unit and the second 3 is the lesson.  You and your child can watch it as many times as they need to help them.  Please take advantage of this free resource I have created.